1925 Life Brokerage is the premier insurance general agency for wealth advisors in the United States. We work with the top insurance carriers in the country to provide our field force with the best products available. We specialize in life insurance, long term care, disability, and annuities. While the insurance world can often be a frustrating environment, our team of experienced experts can help you market, manage and issue your insurance cases in a timely and efficient manner. We remove the unknowns and handle the details so that your insurance practice transforms into a profitable part of your business.

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The Most Crucial Part of the Insurance Process

Underwriting your clients for insurance coverage is often times described as the most crucial part of the process of procuring insurance. By doing the vast majority of the work before an insurance application is even signed, 1925 Life Brokerage allows you to waste little to no time with cases that cannot be placed. By using your time effectively and efficiently, your office will continue to see a rise in productivity and return on investment by using the services of 1925 Life Brokerage.

Pre-Screen Your Clients

Simply provide us with a list of your clients' ailments and medications and we will do the rest. Within 24 hours you will know whether you have a viable opportunity or whether you are simply wasting your time.

We underwrite for life insurance, disability insurance and long term care insurance. Whatever your client is looking for, we can help make the process easier!

Services Available From 1925 Life Brokerage:

  • Comprehensive Insurance Brokerage
  • Underwriting
  • Illustrations
  • Case Management
  • And more...

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